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PUR Cable, PVC Flexible Cable

Sanew Cable Polyurethane cable, or shortly PUR cable, can handle temperatures up to 80º Celsius and is a good general purpose cable. It is flexible in cold weather and resistant to abrasion, adhesion-free, and resistant to mineral oils and grease, as well as chemical substances. It is used for the apparatus connection for high mechanical stress and the cables are particularly suited for control devices. These flexible control cables are designed for use in harsh environments and may be used wherever abrasion, oil and chemical resistance are required.

Sanew Cable Flexible PVC cable Special PVC insulation provides outstanding flexibility and mechanical strength. It offers a significant reduction in wiring installation time due to flexibility and ease of handling. Smaller and more compact panel construction is feasible due to its bending radius and flexibility.

PUR cable, PVC flexible cable is used for rough operating conditions with robots, handling equipment, machine tools, machine and plant construction, transport and conveying technology, cable tracks and for everywhere signals are transmitted to continuously moving machines or system sections.

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