H05RN-F 2 to 5 Cores Flexible Cable

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H05RN-F 2 to 5 Cores Flexible Cable

The 2 to 5 cores flexible cable is an ideal product for the power supply of mobile or semi-mobile indoor or outdoor appliances submitted to low mechanical stress including the household portable electric tools. It is especially suitable for the stripping force on automatic machines due to its good performance with casual oil or grease contact.

With optional flexible bare or tinned copper conductor, special cross-linked elastomer insulation and outer sheath, the multi core flexible cable is optional with different colors according to your choice.

Specifications of the 2 to 5 Cores Flexible Cable
Item Parameter
Conductor Flexible bare or tinned copper Class 5
Insulation Special crosslinked elastomer EI4
Outer sheath Special crosslinked elastomer EM2, black and other colors
Core colors 2 cores(x) = Brown + Light blue 3 cores (G) = Brown + Light blue + Green-Yellow 3 cores (x) = Brown + Black+ Grey

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