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  • SID Solid Single Core CableThe SID solid single core cable is well designed for static use at high temperature. It adopts silicone rubber as the insulation instead of PVC material for the reason that PVC cables become brittle due to high temperature variations. Thanks to the great advantages of silicone rubber it is preferred to be applied in metallurgical industry, steel works, hot rolling mills, coking plants, foundries and many other places ...
  • SiFF High Flex Silicone Wire The SiFF high flex silicone wire is specially designed for the high and low temperature areas due to the advantage that SiFF is a special 180℃ high flex silicone single core. It is particularly suitable for use in many applications including ship building, cement, glass, and ceramic factories, especially in steel industry, aviation industry and power stations where PVC cables become brittle due to the high temperatures ...
  • SIHF High Temperature Resistant Cable The SIHF high temperature resistant cable is a flexible cable specially designed for use in an environment where high temperature alterations occur, such as the internal wiring and lighting equipment. It adopts a tinned copper stranded conductor of class 5, a silicon rubber insulation and outer sheath. Designed with restricted mechanical resistance, it is stable and safe. Different colors, customized cables, multi-core and multi cross section cables are available to meet our customers' needs
Silicone Rubber Insulated Cable

Silicone Rubber Insulated Cable

Sanew Cable silicone rubber insulated cable has excellent physical strength and mechanical properties. It has outstanding resistance to heat, ozone, moisture, and chemicals and resists hardening or cracking under severe weather conditions. Sanew Cable silicone rubber insulated cable is capable of continuous current rating at 180℃ if there are no limits imposed by environmental conditions. The cable can meet temperature and voltage ratings up to 250℃, and they have great environmental resistance properties and can be used at temperatures as low as -60℃. The cable is halogen-free and especially suitable for installation in power stations.

Sanew Cable can be tailored to meet a variety of demands such as extreme high and low temperature requirements, flame resistance, flexibility, radiation resistance, strength and purity.

Sanew Cable silicone rubber insulated cable is used extensively for robotic, petrochemical, industrial equipment and electronics, aerospace and medical applications.

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